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I love Coffee!!! Do you?


Hi !!!

Thanks for dropping by.

I made this illustration in Adobe Illustrator and for the sole love for Coffee. I am a coffee lover and would love to give a warm welcome to everyone visiting my blog with a hot cup of coffee too!!!

If its not a morning when you are visiting me here, please read as ‘evening’, ‘afternoon’ or ‘night’. 😉 . Well, its not a morning in my place right now as well, but I made this illustration on a beautiful sunday morning, so I naturally wrote ‘Good Morning’ !!

Thanks for visiting. Have a cup of virtual coffee and enjoy my work. Do let me know how you liked my blog.

Thanks !!!!!  🙂



Illustration Friday: Carry

I chose to depict “Carry” through this illustration of a young, fashionable girl carrying her shopping bags. Fashion Illustration once again!!!

I thought I will share my entire illustration process as well. So here we go….

First I drew the outlines with a 5B pencil. Below is the image after erasing the extra lines. There are still a lot of unwanted lines which I will be deleting at a later stage.


Next step is to draw neat outlines with a brush. I have used acrylic colors as I need waterproof outlines for this illustration. I have intentionally left the lips unlined as I would want to fill the colors first and then line them. At this stage I erase out all the unnecessary pencil lines and below is how it looks.


Once the pencil lines are erased, I use acrylic colors with a slightly thicker brush to give light shading to the illustration. Acrylic colors for shading, for the same reason as before, I want it to stay waterproof as I layer on more colors over it.

Coloring time. This is my favorite stage !! I have primarily used water color with traces of acrylic and have drawn the detailings using pencil and pen. I have completed the lips here and outlined them too.

P.S.- I think I should have added a step before this showing the initial color blockings too. I guess I will do it with the next illustration.


And this is the final illustration, completed on paper and color corrected digitally.


IllustrationFriday: Lost


IllustrationFriday: Lost

This week’s topic ‘Lost’ by Illustration Friday is interesting. It had me thinking for a while.
After I ruled out most of the images that came to my mind once I read the topic, like lost in the woods, or in a desert or amidst nowhere…I decided to work on “lost in thoughts”.
This is the outcome….a illustration, in watercolor on paper, of a young lady lost in thoughts about her lover. I drew a red rose in her hand to stess on the romantic aspect of the illustration.
I hope you like the post…. 🙂

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Illustration Friday: Suspend


This cute little digital monkey is based on the theme ‘Suspend’ by Illustration Friday for the week.

I hope you like it !!!  🙂

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Linda and Susan


This is one of my practice illustration. I wanted to break free from my usual style of  color splashes or strong brush strokes and wanted to experiment with just lines. Although I ended up adding some color here as well (my infatuation with colors always gets the better of me), but this illustration is somewhat different from my regular style.

I had a tough time giving a title to this illustration as I didn’t have a particular theme in mind when I started out. So I decided to name these two girls “Linda and Susan”.


Illustration Friday: Refresh


My entry for illustration friday this week. After long I have tried my hands in children’s illustration again and loved it as always. A watercolor illustration on paper.