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Illustration Friday: Carry


I chose to depict “Carry” through this illustration of a young, fashionable girl carrying her shopping bags. Fashion Illustration once again!!!

I thought I will share my entire illustration process as well. So here we go….

First I drew the outlines with a 5B pencil. Below is the image after erasing the extra lines. There are still a lot of unwanted lines which I will be deleting at a later stage.


Next step is to draw neat outlines with a brush. I have used acrylic colors as I need waterproof outlines for this illustration. I have intentionally left the lips unlined as I would want to fill the colors first and then line them. At this stage I erase out all the unnecessary pencil lines and below is how it looks.


Once the pencil lines are erased, I use acrylic colors with a slightly thicker brush to give light shading to the illustration. Acrylic colors for shading, for the same reason as before, I want it to stay waterproof as I layer on more colors over it.

Coloring time. This is my favorite stage !! I have primarily used water color with traces of acrylic and have drawn the detailings using pencil and pen. I have completed the lips here and outlined them too.

P.S.- I think I should have added a step before this showing the initial color blockings too. I guess I will do it with the next illustration.


And this is the final illustration, completed on paper and color corrected digitally.



Author: Sarmistha Goswami

I am a Fashion Designer and an Illustrator both by hobby as well as by profession. I am extremely passionate about Fashion and Art. Good Food keeps me going. I adore animals. I live with my husband, two naughty dogs and a pompous cat !! Write to me at:

13 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Carry

  1. I really enjoyed your description of your process. I love your final product and I think understanding the steps you took to get there makes me appreciate your final product even more.

  2. Very nice work!

  3. Hi Samistha,
    Love your illustrations, keep up the wonderful work.

  4. I love this! Thanks for sharing.

  5. It’s very cool! I love the red sunglasses :0)

    It’s also very interesting to see your process. I’ve never thought of mixing acrylic and watercolor. Did you use acrylic ink?

    • Hi Lily. Thanks for dropping by and for your comment. 🙂
      I like mixing acrylic and water color because acrylic gives a water proof base and its easy to layer on colors over it. I have used acrylic colors with a brush. But I guess, any waterproof ink or waterproof pen brush would be a good option too.

  6. Love the progress pics! Love the scarf and the attitude. Great style!

  7. I manage to tie fashion illustration into everything too. My take to “carry” was a girl carrying her oversized tote 🙂

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