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I love Coffee!!! Do you?



Hi !!!

Thanks for dropping by.

I made this illustration in Adobe Illustrator and for the sole love for Coffee. I am a coffee lover and would love to give a warm welcome to everyone visiting my blog with a hot cup of coffee too!!!

If its not a morning when you are visiting me here, please read as ‘evening’, ‘afternoon’ or ‘night’. 😉 . Well, its not a morning in my place right now as well, but I made this illustration on a beautiful sunday morning, so I naturally wrote ‘Good Morning’ !!

Thanks for visiting. Have a cup of virtual coffee and enjoy my work. Do let me know how you liked my blog.

Thanks !!!!!  🙂


Author: Sarmistha Goswami

I am a Fashion Designer and an Illustrator both by hobby as well as by profession. I am extremely passionate about Fashion and Art. Good Food keeps me going. I adore animals. I live with my husband, two naughty dogs and a pompous cat !! Write to me at:

5 thoughts on “I love Coffee!!! Do you?

  1. My dad sort of moved me towards coffee when I was around 10 and so far, I haven’t shaken off the taste for it. I actually worked at Starbucks for 3 and half years and have learned a lot about coffee and how to make different type of coffee. I’m not talking about lattes or the like, though that was one perk. I’m talking about how to properly brew ice coffee, french press, a proper technique for preparing espresso, etc. I have three coffee makers at home. One is just a regular coffee maker (with not pot but a lever), a Keurig, and an espresso maker and milk frothing machine (when I actually have time to make a good latte). I’m actually drinking a cup of coffee right this minute before bed. Anyways, hope all is well. Take care.

    • Wow…it’s so wonderful that your interest in coffee actually made you learn so much about it and even work for Starbucks !!! Thanks for sharing…Would love to learn some new coffee recipes from you too. Enjoy your coffee !!! 🙂

      • I’m not sure when you replied to this and I apologize in advance if it has been awhile. I’ve been on a WordPress hiatus, of sorts. I’m currently in the middle of my Medical Technologist program and I’ve not had enough time to do much of anything. Along with the creation of my WordPress account, I also bought another brand new espresso machine to replace my older one. Funny enough, I obtained both of those when my schedule flipped upside-down and my thoughts and creations have went back into recesses of my mind until my time frees up a bit. When that happens, I’ll go back to that proverbial lab and see what sort of concoctions I can create. Interestingly enough, I’ve come across an app for my iPhone that I think you might like (if you have an iPhone or whatnot). It’s called Barista and it gives you tips and tricks about making lattes and preparing and making espresso. I learned how to make a rosette and heart pattern on all my lattes with that same app. So, if you have any sort of Apple product, look it up. You might like that app. Speaking of coffee, I’ll think I’ll make some at this point. Hope all is well. Sorry again for the late reply.

  2. coffee is always good 🙂

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