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Illustration Friday: Freeze


The topic of Illustration Friday this week instantly reminded me of my experiences with snow last winter in northern Germany.  I had seen little kids making snowman in their front yards and playing with snowballs.

This illustration is inspired by harsh but beautiful winter of Northern Germany and of course my cat ‘Poos Poos’ who has to be a part of almost all my children’s illustrations.


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Cool Keira


No, this illustration is not inspired by Keira Knightley in any way, though I must admit I find Keira Knightly incredibly gorgeous. I liked the rhyming of the two words ‘Cool’ and ‘Keira’ quite interesting, and that is why the title. 🙂

I am just back from a nice holiday and feeling a bit guilty for not sketching much lately. So I made this illustration in water color on paper and quickly posted it to spare me from my guilty consciousness!!! 😉

She looks like a typical cool teenage girl and I like the over all look of this illustration. Its just the way I expected.


Digital Beauties !!


These ladies are an outcome of my Adobe Illustrator skills !!

I love to explore different media of illustration, keeping my style intact. Of late I am spending a lot of time working on traditional hand illustration with water color, acrylic and brushes. And in between I keep going back to my Adobe Suite. Some mixed media illustrations are what I am working on presently and will be posting them soon.

For now these ladies will keep you entertained !!!  Happy Monday !!!

P.S- Oh, by the way, I am putting up these illustrations on sale very shortly.

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Illustration Friday: Lonely


A lonely cat sits patiently on the window pane as she waits for her owner to return home from work.

This illustration is done in my usual style of acrylic/watercolor mix on paper.


This is the ‘work-in-progress’. First the pencil lines and then acrylic outlines. The third one has light shading and in the fourth one I have done color blocking with watercolor. After color blocking I started adding all the light and shade effects, detailings etc.


Here comes my inspiration for this illustration. My sweetheart “Poos-Poos” actually feels lonely when we go out and waits eagerly for us to come back. She ‘meeowwwws’ her heart out when we reach home and looks visibly happy.