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Lovely Style




I draw inspirations for all my fashion illustrations from different magazines, blogs and photographs.

There are some fashion blogs that fuel my creative imagination in a fashionable way!! Lovely Style by Spanish fashion blogger Rakel Campos is a blog full of great looks that I regularly visit. Check Lovely Style in Facebook here.

These illustrations are inspired by Rakel’s Lovely Style and I hope you like them. Though I can illustrate almost all of the looks that are published in Lovely Style, I had to limit myself to only three for now. There will be more coming in the future so do keep visiting. 🙂


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Illustration Friday : Sky


We wish to fly across the blue sky…………<3 ❤


Black and white outlines.

I have created an illustration for “Illustration Friday” after a very long time. This is my interpretation of ‘Sky’, this week’s theme on Illustration Friday. A Children’s Art made with pencil and water color on paper, a little girl and her cat dream of flying away into the blue sky amidst the beautiful clouds carried away by enormous balloons. There imaginations are fueled by the picture story book that they are reading.

I am not much of a children’s writer but I can almost see a story happening around this illustration. Is there a writer around who would like to come up with a one paragraph long story based on this illustration….just for fun???


Late Autumn



I haven’t posted much of late and have been feeling a bit guilty about that too. I had been really busy with lots of things. Now that most of the work load is over I should be able to be more regular with my posts once again.

Here is a poster illustration for a client that I had worked on during last week.

After a long time I got an opportunity to work on what can be called a Digital Painting. I am really happy with the outcome and so is my client !  🙂

The idea was to illustrate a poster series based on William Allingham’s poem ‘Late Autumn’. I worked on Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop and created two options, one with text and one without the text.