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Late Autumn




I haven’t posted much of late and have been feeling a bit guilty about that too. I had been really busy with lots of things. Now that most of the work load is over I should be able to be more regular with my posts once again.

Here is a poster illustration for a client that I had worked on during last week.

After a long time I got an opportunity to work on what can be called a Digital Painting. I am really happy with the outcome and so is my client !  🙂

The idea was to illustrate a poster series based on William Allingham’s poem ‘Late Autumn’. I worked on Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop and created two options, one with text and one without the text.


Author: Sarmistha Goswami

I am a Fashion Designer and an Illustrator both by hobby as well as by profession. I am extremely passionate about Fashion and Art. Good Food keeps me going. I adore animals. I live with my husband, two naughty dogs and a pompous cat !! Write to me at:

2 thoughts on “Late Autumn

  1. I can totally understand I have weeks like that too. Love your work!

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