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Lovely Style





I draw inspirations for all my fashion illustrations from different magazines, blogs and photographs.

There are some fashion blogs that fuel my creative imagination in a fashionable way!! Lovely Style by Spanish fashion blogger Rakel Campos is a blog full of great looks that I regularly visit. Check Lovely Style in Facebook here.

These illustrations are inspired by Rakel’s Lovely Style and I hope you like them. Though I can illustrate almost all of the looks that are published in Lovely Style, I had to limit myself to only three for now. There will be more coming in the future so do keep visiting. 🙂


Author: Sarmistha Goswami

I am a Fashion Designer and an Illustrator both by hobby as well as by profession. I am extremely passionate about Fashion and Art. Good Food keeps me going. I adore animals. I live with my husband, two naughty dogs and a pompous cat !! Write to me at:

3 thoughts on “Lovely Style

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  2. I love your illustrations! Where do you draw them and what programs did you use? I’m just starting with blogging and fashion illustration and i stumbled on your blog. I love your designs. Keep up the good work!

    • Hi there.
      Thanks for your comment. I am so glad you like my work. 🙂
      I hand draw my illustration on paper and use watercolors for coloring. If I have to go digital, it’s always Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop combo that works for me. I wish you all the best with your illustration blog, Would love to see your work.
      Do visit my blog again.

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