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Coffee Machine Kiosk Design





A commissioned work for a client.

This was a mulch-faceted project that I enjoyed doing. The project brief was to design a Coffee Machine Kiosk to be installed in University campuses after doing all the necessary market research and studying the competition brands. All of these were to be presentation in a proper format with a professional looking layout.
The final presentation included designing of the coffee machine kiosk, technical illustration to explain the functioning of the machine, work flow diagrams, project report with research and rough sketches.

These are just the first few pages of the entire presentation. The complete project can be viewed here.


Author: Sarmistha Goswami

I am a Fashion Designer and an Illustrator both by hobby as well as by profession. I am extremely passionate about Fashion and Art. Good Food keeps me going. I adore animals. I live with my husband, two naughty dogs and a pompous cat !! Write to me at:

2 thoughts on “Coffee Machine Kiosk Design

  1. The layout, color combinations is kinda nice 8) gud job!! Perhpas you might ve used Indesign/AI/PSD.. Am i right??

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