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Polka Fetish


POLKAs are my favorites!! I like polkas in everything. So it is quite likely that I should be having a series of illustrations on Polka dots alone ūüôā Well I do have, I mean I am working on a lot of polkas of late. Will be updating all the artworks shortly. This is the first lady in a blue polka dress. I have a similar dress from ‘Forever New’, which was my inspiration behind this fashion art.

I did this illustration with watercolor on paper and edited in Photoshop.



Fashionably Yours !!!




These stylish girls are some of my new fashion illustrations. All done with watercolor and brush on paper. I love them all and each of them are looking for more love and a stylish and fashionable home.

You can own any of these girls (or all) by just clicking here.

Available as A4 size art prints in 225 gsm matte paper.

Buy them directly from my shop or contact me to find out about special discounts!!

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Illustration Friday: Haunt

This piece of work was for Illustration Friday’s topic ‘Haunt’. I was quite excited about the idea and loved they way I executed it. Unfortunately I missed submitting it by few hours. ūüė¶

Decided to share it with all my readers anyways.

I hated homework as a kid. In fact, I rather dreaded it!!! And I guess so does every kid. That simple though led me to the idea of the ‘homework monsters’ !!!!


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Illustration Friday: Lonely


A lonely cat sits patiently on the window pane as she waits for her owner to return home from work.

This illustration is done in my usual style of acrylic/watercolor mix on paper.


This is the ‘work-in-progress’. First the pencil lines and¬†then acrylic outlines. The¬†third one¬†has light shading and in the fourth one I have done color blocking with watercolor. After color blocking I started adding all the light and shade effects, detailings etc.


Here comes my inspiration for this illustration. My sweetheart “Poos-Poos” actually feels lonely when we go out and waits eagerly for us to come back. She ‘meeowwwws’ her heart out when we reach home and looks visibly happy.


Illustration Friday: Carry

I chose to depict “Carry”¬†through this illustration of a young, fashionable girl carrying her shopping bags. Fashion Illustration once again!!!

I thought I will share my entire illustration process as well. So here we go….

First I drew the outlines with a 5B pencil. Below is the image after erasing the extra lines. There are still a lot of unwanted lines which I will be deleting at a later stage.


Next step is to draw neat outlines with a brush. I have used acrylic colors as I need waterproof outlines for this illustration. I have intentionally left the lips unlined as I would want to fill the colors first and then line them. At this stage I erase out all the unnecessary pencil lines and below is how it looks.


Once the pencil lines are erased, I use acrylic colors with a slightly thicker brush to give light shading to the illustration. Acrylic colors for shading, for the same reason as before, I want it to stay waterproof as I layer on more colors over it.

Coloring time. This is my favorite stage !! I have primarily used water color with traces of acrylic and have drawn the detailings using pencil and pen. I have completed the lips here and outlined them too.

P.S.- I think I should have added a step before this showing the initial color blockings too. I guess I will do it with the next illustration.


And this is the final illustration, completed on paper and color corrected digitally.


Illustration Friday: Secret !!!!


Secret !!!!

From this week onwards I am going¬†to take part in the weekly illustration submission in Illustration Friday. This week’s theme is ‘Secret’ and I¬†created this¬†watercolor illustration depicting the same.

A woman with mysterious eyes and a finger on her lips is a true personification of secrecy irrespective of what she wants to hide. It is an universal gesture that everyone recognises.

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The Solitary Lass


I painted¬† this Water color painting just out of a whim and as I was giving the finishing touches I framed a story around this painting. Let me share it with you…..

She is a commoner picked by the royality. Perhaps adopted by a childless king. Trained to perfection with all royal and high society mannerisms. And there she is standing in a corner cold, aloof and oblivious, loosing touch with life as she struggles to blend in to the royal surroundings of her new found father.