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Polka Fetish


POLKAs are my favorites!! I like polkas in everything. So it is quite likely that I should be having a series of illustrations on Polka dots alone 🙂 Well I do have, I mean I am working on a lot of polkas of late. Will be updating all the artworks shortly. This is the first lady in a blue polka dress. I have a similar dress from ‘Forever New’, which was my inspiration behind this fashion art.

I did this illustration with watercolor on paper and edited in Photoshop.



The NEW Corporate Colors!!!



I am not just a Fashion Illustrator I am also a Fashion Designer. So I am so used to seeing nicely dressed people around me in my work places. The usual corporate colors look boring to my eyes sometimes. (No offense!) and I so wish people had more freedom while dressing for work (even if it means working in a bank).

I know it might not be possible to break the mental block that black and white has created in the corporate worlds.

But how about PINK and WHITE and some POLKAS ladies? Up for it???? 😉